Welcome to the Humor Corner

This is a collection of jokes, funny stories, and just generally interesting stuff that doesn't fit in any other category. Most of this stuff I received via e-mail from friends such as Stephanie Parker. I want to thank everybody who sent me stuff for keeping me smiling

College and Engineer Jokes

College Course Evaluations
The $5 Game
Little Wolf
Tickets please!
You might be an Engineer if...

Computer and Electronic Jokes

Features you expect to find in a computer product one day...
Highways like the Internet
If Operating Systems were Beers
Initech TPS Report Cover Sheet (PDF)
How things would be different if Microsoft was headquartered in the South
Spanish Class
Top ten ways things would be different if Microsoft built cars
You know your stereo is too big...

Religious Jokes

God and Harley
A Little Boy's Letter to God
The New Priest
Theory of Hell

Other Jokes

Air Force Work Orders
Employeer and Applicant Talk
The F Word
Funny Pictures
Great Traffic Sign
How to bake cookies with your cat...
If I ever become an Evil Overlord
Top 20 reason why chocolate is better than sex
Bumper Stickers Sighted Throughout the World
My Monkey's on Fire
Rudolph's Revenge
Sayings That Should be on Buttons
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Camp-out
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